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⮱The FaroArm is a portable measurement
arm that allows manufacturers to quickly
and easily perform inspections, verify
parts, reverse engineer components,
and more.


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FARO Focus3D

⮱The FARO Focus3D is a high-speed
3D laser scanner used for generating
point clouds and capturing detailed
3D images for documentation purposes.


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FARO Laser Tracker

⮱FARO’s Laser Trackers are used for
applications such as alignment, machine
installation, part inspection, tool
building, reverse engineering, and
manufacturing and assembly integration.




⮱No matter what you are up against, be it a need to perform 3D inspections, CAD-to-part analysis, alignments or reverse engineering – FARO’s portable CMMs are the industry standard in Metrology.

3D Documentation

⮱FARO 3D Documentation products are used for measurement and documentation of spaces and objects.


⮱Metrology, 3D documentation and surveying software solutions from FARO allow you to complete application-specific measurement jobs quickly and efficiently, allowing you to stay focused on the job at hand.


⮱FARO has always supported an open architecture philosophy allowing third party software developers the ability to use FARO hardware in combination with their measurement and inspection software and point-cloud processing facilities.

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