Process Automation Solutions

⮱Automation solutions for construction based on FARO 3D technology

Process Automation Solutions

Increasing efficiency with Process Automation for Construction

⮱Customers can profit enormously from leveraging FARO´s leading edge hardware and software solutions including the FARO Laser Scanner, FARO Tracer in automated processes. Automation solutions enable a substantial increase of efficiency in data processing and analysis, especially where quality control in construction needs to identify deviations for large construction works, derive a multitude of measurement values or monitor features of structure over a time period.

Software customization for ease of use and efficiency

⮱Based on data captured with the laser scanner, automated processes slim down complex calculation workflows to a single button or generate customized reports with a simple click in the software.

⮱These can be combined with other FARO hardware such as the Vantage Laser Tracker and Tracer Laser Projector for additional applications, such as alignment of prefabricated components.

⮱You want to learn more on process automation solutions for structural inspection, quality assurance, prefabrication or construction in general?

⮱We support companies with our extensive knowledge and experience in 3D technology to successfully design, plan and implement best in class solutions that simplify and accelerate your workflows. Companies also benefit from our extensive global support and services structures.

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