Machine Calibration

Machine Calibration
Machine Calibration

⮱Out of tolerance parts are often the result of a poorly calibrated machine. Quick checks of machine calibration using portable CMMs from FARO, allow operators to perform a full volumetric accuracy test with minimal setup time and quickly identify calibration errors. Part production is optimized and downtime reduced.

⮱ Industries such as automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding, have adopted 3D portable metrology solutions, such as the FARO® Laser Tracker and FaroArm®, for recalibration of machines, machine tools and general fixed CMM calibration.

⮱Express Manufacturing Gains Full ROI with the FARO Gage

⮱Express Manufacturing did a trial program called the FARO Technology Test Drive (program valid for the American markets) which enabled them to evaluate the equipment in the “real world” situation of their own shop floor. With a minimal investment and no risk, they were able to test the Gage and prove out its ROI before purchase.

⮱FARO Laser Tracker Aids JCB Jig & Fixture Calibration

⮱The extremely accurate FARO Laser Tracker Vantage helped to generate traceable certificates for jigs and fixtures calibration procedures at JCB.

⮱Cirrus Aircraft Utilizes FARO Laser Tracker for Robot Calibration

⮱Cirrus Aircraft uses Laser Tracker Technology to validate the setup of the robot to ensure its true position accuracy, reduce the quantity and complexity of required fixtures, and cut tooling costs by 60%

⮱FARO helps Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH to achieve maximum 3D precision

⮱FARO measurement technology helps Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH to achieve maximum 3D precision for their machines.


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