FARO® Factory Robo-Imager Mobile

⮱Automated Inspection Station for the Shop Floor.

FARO<sup>®</sup> Factory Robo-Imager Mobile

Robot-Mounted 3D Imager on Turnkey Mobile Station

⮱The FARO® Factory Robo-Imager Mobile combines the latest advancements in optical 3D measurement and robot technology. The solution pairs a metrology-grade 3D sensor with a human-collaborative robot integrated on a mobile cart that can be quickly moved to wherever measurement tasks are required. This turnkey mobile station provides a highly adaptable, safe and automated near-line inspection solution.

⮱The system utilizes the FARO Cobalt Array Imager, a metrology-grade 3D sensor with blue light technology, capable of quickly capturing high-resolution measurement data for dimensional inspection on parts, assemblies and tools.

⮱ The Robo-Imager Mobile provides a simple solution for automating the inspection and verification of parts, at any location in the production environment, to significantly reduce cycle times for inspection and eliminate scrap and costly rework. The system’s unmatched mobility enables the inspection processes to be moved out of the quality lab and onto the shop floor, so parts can be automatically checked without delay.

⮱The FARO Factory Robo-Imager Mobile is only available through FARO’s Early Adopter Program. For more information, please visit the Early Adopter (EA) Program website.


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